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Inca and Fujifilm present powerful UV Inkjet
Inca Digital Printers and Fujifilm today announce the launch of the Inca Onset S50i, an CMYK, flatbed UV inkjet printer capable of printing 725sqm/hr (7,803sqft/hr). The device is the most powerful large format printer in the Onset range and the first to be developed on the Onset Scaleable Architecture. Today, display graphics print companies are not only handling larger volumes of digital print and meeting tighter deadlines, they are also experiencing growing demand for multi-version graphics from their retail and leisure industry clients. The Onset S50i has been designed to satisfy the market¡¯s growing need for greater productivity. Delivering a high throughput of up to 725sqm/hr (7,803sqft/hr), equivalent to 144 full beds per hour, the S50i prints onto a wide variety of rigid and flexible media up to 3.14m x 1.6m (123.6in x 63in) and up to 50mm (2in) thick. A choice of print modes can be selected, alongside satin and gloss finishes, depending on the specific job requirements. The Onset S50i incorporates 224 (56 per colour) Fujifilm Dimatix printheads on a full width print array and two highly-efficient UV lamps ensure high-speed curing. The printer also incorporates both hardware and software technologies that have been developed specifically by Inca to deliver quality, reliability and productivity. These include: iNozzle mapping; sophisticated drive and control electronics; a 15-zone vacuum table to reduce bed masking requirements and, consequently, set-up time for thin substrates; a UV sensor system that accurately monitors printer condition; and substrate height detectors to prevent contact with, and damage to, printheads. Plus, Inca¡¯s variable data Print Run Controller software module offers advanced job management capabilities and ReporterPro software gives users detailed information about the productivity of their Inca printers. The S50i is compatible with Inca¡¯s flexible automation system, which gives users a choice to operate manually or using semi or three-quarter modes from the same configuration. The Onset S50i is the first printer developed around Inca¡¯s new-generation Onset Scaleable Architecture. The Onset Scaleable Architecture is a modular design which gives users the ability to choose the best printer for their initial requirements, but with considerable flexibility to change its productivity levels and ink options as their business evolves. This enables Inca Digital to convert the customer¡¯s Onset on-site for the very first time, as and when needed. For example, an Onset S40i with CMYK LtmLtc can be converted to an eight-colour model with dual CMYK, or with the addition of white if required, to suit a change in the type of work a company prints. As a result, Onset Scaleable Architecture protects a company¡¯s investment in their Onset printer for the long term and provides investment peace of mind. The Onset S50i printer has successfully completed beta testing and is now in full production at four companies, three in the USA and one in the UK. The Onset S50i is commercially available now.
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