automatic blanket wash cloth manufacturer

Stage I

Flyon Printing Solutions Limited was established in 2004. Relying on our cross-comprehension on graphic art industry and related nonwoven industries, we have been dedicated to being a reliable and valuable supplier of pressroom cleaning supplies and extended nonwoven products. We not only develop and manufacture the most cost-effective products, including automatic blanket wash cloth, impression cylinder wash cloth, disposable nonwoven wipes for professional cleaning & household cleaning & healthcare cleaning, etc., but also tend to be an extension of every business partner......

Stage II

In 2014, to comply with the trend of continuously expanding demands on personalized nonwoven products, we got a high-speed wide-format 6-color flexo printing press installed. Our highly customizable series of printed household wipes and patterned beauty masks are more and more recognized by the market, owing to the outstanding vision effects and food-contact safety levels. Especially, we are now No. 1 manufacturer of patterned beauty masks in China, after equipped with a unique positioning die-cutting line.

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