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Sanitizing Antibacterial Wipes in Dispensing Canisters

sanitizing nonwoven wipes healthcare cleaningSanitizing Antibacterial Wipes in Dispensing Canisters
• A series of disposable nonwoven wipes specially developed for healthcare sanitizing applications
• Made of 40gsm/45gsm/50gsm 100% viscose spunlaced nonwovens and customizable for other grammages and compositions
• Soft handfeel, low lint and excellent absorbency
• Ideal for hand / body / surface disinfecting jobs in healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.
• Kill over 99% of germs & viruses and effectively prevent cross infection
• Both finished wet wipes and semi-finished dry wipes are available
• Both alcohol-based disinfectant and alcohol-free disinfectant are optional for saturation
• Private label services supported

Typical Specifications:
Viscose Spunlace
40g / 45g / 50g
180mm x 200mm
Dispensing Canister
125 pcs/canister

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