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Terraboost Donates One Million Disinfectant Wipes

A Chicago-based "Purpose-Driven" manufacturer of sanitizer, nonwoven wipes and other wellness products and a national Out of Home (OOH) media company, Terraboost, announced it will donate an initial allotment of one million sanitizing wipes to Meals on Wheels America to support the network in its efforts to keep volunteers safe during the peak holiday season.
The initial contribution has a value of $50,000 with over $250,000 in complimentary wipes and free advertising earmarked for continued support to this network through Meals on Wheels America, which provides support to more than 5,000 community-based programs across the country dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger. This donation will support most major markets in the U.S., and is being piloted in Louisville this week in time for the Thanksgiving holiday rush.
In addition to being a manufacture of disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, dispensers and other wellness products, Terraboost also boasts a national network of more than 100,000 sanitizing billboards that dispense a wipe with its advertisers' messages to consumers entering grocery stores, pharmacies, malls, airports and other locations. As part of the partnership, Terraboost will also be donating 100 billboards with QR-codes seeking donations for Meals on Wheels America from shoppers entering supermarkets during the holiday season.