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Huggies 100% Biodegradable Nonwoven Wipes Launched in U.K.

It is reported that Huggies has launched a new range of Huggies 100% biodegradable nonwoven wipes in the U.K. that can biodegrade in 15 days under simulated landfill conditions.
The plastic-free wipes are made with 100% naturally derived fibers, Huggies says. Independent testing shows Huggies 100% biodegradable wipes will biodegrade under landfill conditions in 15 days, making them the brand’s first fully biodegradable product, according to a report in Circular (U.K.).
The brand has committed to eliminating plastic from its baby wipes range in the U.K. within five years or sooner.
In addition to launching its first fully biodegradable product, Huggies has made significant progress against the other goals that make up its ‘Tiniest Footprint’ Mission. Achievements made to date include:
1. This year, removing 359 tons of plastic from its total baby wipes portfolio (on an annual basis)
2. Removing 17 tons of plastic a year from the Huggies Extra Care portfolio (on an annual basis)
3. Removing the internal plastic bags within its large pack boxes, a saving of 43 tons of plastic (on an annual basis)
4. Huggies 100% biodegradable wipes will be available nationwide in the U.K., initially being rolled out at selected Asda and Morrisons stores.